The Maid of Orleans, sketch At the Well Four-in-Hand Portrait of Konstancja Poniatowska Interior of the Wawel Royal Cathedral Kościuszko’s Catafalque Kościuszko’s Oath A Detachment of “Krakusi” Death of Ellenai Landscape with Figures Battle Scene Stanisław Oświęcim at the Body of Anna Oświęcim Temptation of St. Anthony Portrait of Józef Kossakowski Portrait of Urszula Tarnowska View from the Atelier Self-portrait in a White Attire Landscape from Giverny (Landscape from Normandy) Musk Thistles Still Life with a Holy Figure X Two Little Friends The Poznań Execution (Execution II) Landscape from France (Motif from Montereau) Man with a Pipe (Portrait of Tytus Czyżewski) Frame from Richard’s Ashcroft’s Music Video 2 Fire Circus Still Life Susanna and the Elders Pit, From the series: Extermination Order of the White Eagle of Michał Obuchowicz Double-barrelled flint-lock shotgun - detail 19th century percussion pistols and revolvers Medallion of the official of the Order of the White Eagle Two-handed sword of Krakow executioners Silver Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari Eagles from the caps of the Polish Legions, 1913-1916 Polish hussar’s sabre with sheath Horse caparison after hetman Stefan Czarniecki Renaissance spur Hunting knife with calendar blade Wheel-lock musket - detail Hussar’s “pappenheimer” zischägge with wings Wheel-lock hand grenade-launcher
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