Orchard At the Well Portrait of Aspazja von Goldschmidt Avignon Ahasuerus A Detachment of “Krakusi” Kościuszko’s Oath Nero’s Torches Kościuszko’s Catafalque Portrait of Włodzimierz Dzieduszycki Death of Ellenai Wernyhora Temptation of St. Anthony Interior of the Wawel Royal Cathedral Drowned Women View from My Window Formist Nude Papagays and Perroquets Landscape from Wadowice Casimir the Great. Design of the stained glass window for the chancel of the Krakow cathedral Fencing Match Portrait of Paul Nauen Emballages, objets, personnages 2 Funeral March Model of the Monument to Fryderyk Chopin Hopscotch View over the Monastery at Czerna Frame from the Richard Ashcroft’s Video Clip 1 Patent for Grand Cross of the Order Of Virtuti Militari for major Benedykt Kołyszko Horse caparison after hetman Stefan Czarniecki Match- and wheel-lock target gun Double-barrelled flint-lock shotgun - detail Knight’s helmet European Revolutions of 1848 Percussion pepperbox Hunting knife with calendar blade Wheel-lock hunting rifle - detail The November Uprisingn commanders-in-chief, 1831 Konstanty Ordon’s horse artillery second-lieutenant’s epaulettes Eagles from the caps of the Polish Legions, 1913-1916 Polish decorations and medals 1920-1939 Wheel-lock hunting rifle - detail
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