Kościuszko’s Catafalque Battle Scene Portrait of Urszula Tarnowska Kościuszko’s Oath Portrait of Konstancja Poniatowska Portrait of Helena Modrzejewska A Detachment of “Krakusi” The Maid of Orleans, sketch Ahasuerus The Feast of Trumpets Nero’s Torches Avignon Four-in-Hand Death of Ellenai Wernyhora Execution Portrait of Helena Blum Street, Traffic Blessing of Easter Food (Blessing of Easter Food at Bronowice) Peinture 80. Figure Little Girl In Red Dress (Portrait of Józefa Oderfeld)  Still Life with a Violin Still Life with a White Jug Red Café Composition Nude In an Interior (The Interior); Two Nudes with a Guitar Woman Forlorn XI (after Caravaggio) Head - Emballage – Figure View over the Monastery at Czerna Nude 18th-19th century Polish fire-arms Gold Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari of Józef Patelski, lieutenant of the 1st Infantry Rifles Regiment Wender type over-and-under flint-lock shotgun - detail Sabre karabela - detail Order of Saint Stanislaus of Michał Obuchowicz Hussar’s half-armour of the Wielogłowski family Shabraque  - detail Percussion pepperbox Officer’s buzdygan-mace of Potocki family Patent for Grand Cross of the Order Of Virtuti Militari for major Benedykt Kołyszko Officer’s commemorative badge of the 12th Podolski Lancers Regiment Powder horn with Saxon coat-of-arms Gold Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari Hunting knife with calendar blade The November Uprisingn commanders-in-chief, 1831
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