A Street in Paris Death of Ellenai Portrait of Konstancja Poniatowska Portrait of Helena Modrzejewska Ahasuerus Interior of the Wawel Royal Cathedral Nero’s Torches Stanisław Oświęcim at the Body of Anna Oświęcim Portrait of Urszula Tarnowska Cardinal Portrait of Józef Kossakowski Temptation of St. Anthony Battle Scene A Detachment of “Krakusi” Kościuszko’s Catafalque Son and His Killed Mother Transit Little Girl In Red Dress (Portrait of Józefa Oderfeld)  Casimir the Great. Design of the stained glass window for the chancel of the Krakow cathedral Little Gioconda – Angelina Haystacks in a Landscape Vita somnium breve Landscape with a Vision of the Sun Still Life with a Knife Composition 64/28 Street, Traffic Portrait of the Inquisitor Woman Forlorn XI (after Caravaggio) Town Buildings Flower Girls Patent for Grand Cross of the Order Of Virtuti Militari for major Benedykt Kołyszko Polish hussar’s sabre with sheath Sporting and hunting wheel-lock guns, 16th-18th century Officer’s commemorative badge of the 12th Podolski Lancers Regiment Hussar’s “pappenheimer” zischägge with wings Konstanty Ordon’s horse artillery second-lieutenant’s epaulettes General Marian Kukiel (1885-1973) Sword-palash Escuffas Eagle from staff of banner Gold Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari Projects of colours for insignia of units and services and military ranks for soldiers of Polish Legions brigades Grenadier’s cap of the Lithuanian Foot Guard Regiment French double-barrelled hunting guns, early the 19th century Hunting knife with calendar blade
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