Portrait of Urszula Tarnowska Death of Ellenai Portrait of Konstancja Poniatowska Portrait of Helena Modrzejewska At the Well Zwierzyniec Hobby-Horse Battle Scene Temptation of St. Anthony Kościuszko’s Catafalque Landscape with Figures Ahasuerus A Detachment of “Krakusi” Portrait of Włodzimierz Dzieduszycki Nero’s Torches Circus Still Life with a Violin Henry the Pious in the Battle of Legnica. Design of the stained glass window for the chancel of the Krakow cathedral Execution Contact Prints Olimpia Nude View over the Monastery at Czerna Sympathique Two Little Friends Street, Traffic Mountain Village Musk Thistles Reclining Nude Sword-palash Polish decorations and medals 1914-1939 Breastplate of the Horse Guards or Dragoons of King Augustus II - detail Sporting and hunting wheel-lock guns, 16th-18th century Hunting knife with calendar blade Gold Medal of Virtuti Militari Double-barrelled flint-lock shotgun - detail Grenadier’s cap of the Lithuanian Foot Guard Regiment Nose-band Order of Saint Stanislaus of Michał Obuchowicz Wheel-lock hunting rifle - detail Hussar’s half-armour of the Wielogłowski family Match- and wheel-lock target gun Air-guns and fire-arms from the 1st half of the 19th century Eagle for the projected parade cap of the Polish Legions infantry
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