Battle Scene The Feast of Trumpets Landscape with Figures At the Well The Maid of Orleans, sketch Zwierzyniec Hobby-Horse Portrait of Helena Modrzejewska Four-in-Hand Wernyhora Cardinal Kościuszko’s Oath Avignon Interior of the Wawel Royal Cathedral Kościuszko’s Catafalque A Street in Paris Sunrise Melancholic (Totenmesse, Portrait of Antoni Procajłowicz) Portrait of Jadwiga Sapieżyna, born Sanguszko Landscape from Stary Sącz Seascape (Fishing Port at Orłowo) Frame from the Richard Ashcroft’s Video Clip 1 View over the Monastery at Czerna St. George Italian Landscape Parisian Street Portrait of Feliks Jasieński Still Life with a Violin Emballages, objets, personnages 2 One of the Most Important Pictures Created in America in the 1970s Girl from the Hotel Konstanty Ordon’s horse artillery second-lieutenant’s epaulettes Wheel-lock gun - detail Medallion of the official of the Order of the White Eagle Order of the White Eagle of Michał Obuchowicz Polish decorations and medals 1914-1939 The January Uprising of 1863 Wender type over-and-under flint-lock shotgun - detail Sabre karabela - detail Sporting and hunting wheel-lock guns, 16th-18th century Grenadier’s cap of the Lithuanian Foot Guard Regiment Horse caparison after hetman Stefan Czarniecki Two-handed sword of Krakow executioners Gold Medal of Virtuti Militari Eagle from staff of banner Percussion pepperbox
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