Technical requirements

The iMNK Project requires a computer with a broadband internet access (high-speed internet) and an internet browser supporting Flash technology (Flash plug-in). It is recommended to use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

In order to play video files smoothly an effective download speed should be 1 Mb/s. Please note, that the real internet speed varies, according to a time of the day and that the peak net load is during the afternoon and evening hours. Check your internet speed connection here: 

Test your Internet connection speed at

Wskazane jest aby komputer posiadał wydajne: procesor, kartę graficzną i dzwiękową z podłączonymi głośnikami. Projekt wymaga okna o rozdzielczości minimum 800 x 880 pikseli. Dla rozdzielczości ekranu  1024x768 zalecane jest uruchomienie w przeglądarce trybu pełnoekranowego.

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The texts, images, animations, sounds and data on the iMNK website are protected by copyright. Copying or any other usage of the materials from the website requires obtaining prior written consent.

For works of art from the National Museum in Krakow’s collection reproduced on this site, in their entirety or as details, contact the Museum.

A usage fee may be charged depending on the nature of the proposed use.


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