The website that you are visiting is the first part of the iMNK – a virtual National Museum in Krakow. We start with a presentation of three permanent Galleries of the Museum and one already archival exhibition The Monumental Theater of Stanisław Wyspiański which in fact originated the whole project. The virtual panoramas of the exhibition recorded by the end of 2007 seemed to be an interesting way to record not only the exhibition space but also – to a certain extend – its atmosphere. The exhibitions which came after, allowed us to collect a more and more vast documentation as well as to gain a valuable experience in that field.

Work on making the subsequent virtual galleries available to public nears the end and soon we will be ready to launch a bigger selection of the archival exhibitions. However, the present part of the project includes not only the virtual panoramas with a specially prepared soundtrack. Combining diverse means of recording the objects – starting with the very high resolution photos, rotational photos of three-dimensional objects, short movies and including extensive descriptions and scientific commentaries – we have created not only a virtual exhibition, but a comprehensive guide of the collections, making available various information prepared by the curators of the National Museum in Krakow.

The Virtual Museum as it is available now is not a complete and full project. It will be continually developed and complemented, even though at the present stage it’s rather of an extensive scope – over 10 000 photos had been done until now, files uploaded to the server exceed a total number of 250 000 and weight over 6 GB, there are over 3000 links created between the virtual panoramas and database, and the very high resolution pictures size is measured in gigapixels.
A special version of the iMNK project has been launched on big touch screens situated at the entrance to the Gallery in the Cloth Hall.

Let us invite you to visit and enjoy the iMNK.

Concept, graphic design, photographs (spherical, rotational and high resolution), video recording and production: (Krzysztof Kućma, Zbigniew Prokop), encoding: Dominik Kućma 

Each presentation is equipped with an information about authors of the exhibition, texts, soundtracks, authors of the photos and films used, as well as about any other individuals or institutions engaged in the realization of the separate galleries. 


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