Dance Before a Ball (Portrait of Jadwiga Sokołowka) A Bench Nude Portrait of a Girl Slave Woman Self- portrait (from the series: Pilgrims) Figure Napoleon on Horseback Self-Portrait A Sleeping Dog Portrait of Zofia Potocka, wife of Artur Potocki Natałka Hussar’s “pappenheimer” zischägge with wings Senior officer’s czapka of Light Horse-Guard of Napoleon I Close helmet Double-barrelled wheel-lock pistol, barrels signed „Hans Menzer”, stock signed „H D H” Bekhter Tournament zischägge Hussar’s zischägge Czapka of “Sokół Konny” organization in Krakow, introducet by the 2nd Lancers Regiment of the Polish Legions Czapka of the Lvov National Horse-Guards Bekhter Field grey troops cap (Inf. Kappe M. 1908)
From all Sides – select an object and study it from any side you wish by virtually turning it around. You have a chance to see it from a new perspective, until now known only to the Museum curators.

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